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Protecting your vehicles interior from the harsh sun and heat!

As we all know, the Florida sun and heat is no joke! During summer months, temperatures can exceed 100 degrees outside, and over 150 degrees on the inside of your vehicle!

Temperatures that high can do ALOT of damage to an unprotected vehicle. So, how do you protect the interior of your car from the harsh heat and sun? Here are a few different options:

1) Sun Shades:

Sun shades ARE A MUST when you're looking to keep your vehicles interior protected. The UV blocking technology that sun shades provide, reject heat and harmful UV rays, ultimately keeping your interior much cooler and out of direct sunlight.

One of the best sun shades on the market (in my opinion) is from Covercraft. Covercraft is one of the most reputable companies in the automotive industry and their products are unmatched.

We have numerous clients who have purchased Covercraft sun shades and they love it! We also use them for our vehicles as well. They are custom cut to fit your vehicle perfectly! Click the link to get yours today!

2) Window Tinting:

Window tinting should be one of the very first "upgrades" that you should purchase for your vehicle. There are so many benefits to having your windows tinted.

Some examples:

  • Reduces road glare from the sun/pavement

  • Reduces UV Rays and Heat from your interior

  • Increases Privacy

  • Enhances the overall look of your vehicle

  • Tint front windshield to reduce glare and heat

Today, the technology used in the window tinting industry is amazing. There are a million different types of tint to purchase, so check your local area for the most professional installer and have them educate you on the benefits of each and every level and type of window tint!

3) Proper Cleaning and Conditioning of Interior Surfaces:

One of the most overlooked aspects of protecting your vehicles interior, is taking proper care of all interior surfaces.

What I mean by this is: all interior surfaces must be properly cleaned and conditioned/protected in order to keep them from cracking, fading, and wearing from the harsh sun and heat.

If your seats, dash, door panels etc... are not properly cleaned BEFORE they are conditioned and protected, you're applying a conditioner/protectant OVER the top of dirt and grime and not the door, leather or dash itself. THIS IS A VERY CRUCIAL STEP! It's like waxing your paint before cleaning it..

Here are a few products we recommend you use if you want to do this at home! Regardless, these are great products for your detailing arsenal at home!

  • Adams Polishes Interior Cleaner and Conditioner:

  • Chemical Guys Interior Cleaner and Leather Conditioner:

I hope this information helps! Feel free to contact us with any other detailing questions you may have!

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