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5 MUST KNOW reasons to detail your vehicle regularly!

Some people think that cars are just hunks of metal that get us from point A to point B. To others, they are a crucial part of their lives as well as a reflection of their personalities. Your vehicle is the second biggest investment you will make in life, right behind your home. Therefor, it is extremely important to maintain every aspect of your vehicle, especially regular washes and details!

Here are 5 very important reasons why regular maintenance washes and details are important:

1) The most important reason to wash your vehicle regularly is to maintain the shine of your prized possession! In doing so, keeping dirt, dust, bird droppings of your vehicles paint, ultimately will lengthen the life of your paint!

2) Beings that we all spend a lot of time in vehicles, our own, or someone else's, it should be a top priority to keep the interior clean! When your interior is full of clutter, dust, dirt, food, spills, amongst other bacteria, it is very unhealthy to be exposed to those conditions on a daily basis. Vacuuming out your vehicle as well as ridding the interior of all bacteria is a MUST!

3) A clean car is a safe car! When dirt, debris and other contaminants build up on your vehicle, they are capable of putting you at risk while driving by:

-Dirty windshields reduce visibility

-Gunky engine bay can destroy your engine

-Foggy headlights also reduce visibility while driving at night

4) A clean and well maintained vehicle will keep the resale value higher when you're ready to buy a new vehicle!

5) Last but not least...

Your sense of pride is constantly renewed when you see and ride around in your nice, fresh and clean car!!

Call us today to be a part of our monthly maintenance package program!!

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