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Mother Nature is NOT a car wash!!

Ahhhh summer time in "sunny" Naples. Florida. Not quite the case during the Sunshine State's wettest season.

With afternoon showers and thunderstorms, don't follow the assumption that the rain will "wash the dirt off" your vehicle. As the rain may rinse your car off, it also adds chemicals that are in the rain, to your paint. These chemicals that are found in rain water (and sprinkler systems) can and will leave water marks in your vehicles paint.

It is extremely beneficial to have your vehicle professionally washed at least once a week during the rainy season. Having your vehicle washed properly by a professional will lengthen the life of your car, reducing the risk of rust, paint damage and other defects caused by neglect.

Also, to protect your vehicle from the rain and sun, Diamond Pro Detailing recommends protecting the paint of your vehicle by getting it waxed, sealed or ceramic coated to keep unwanted and harmful contaminants off of your paint to prevent extensive damage!

To schedule your appointment, visit us at or call us at: 239-227-5330!

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