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The Negative Effects Of Bird Droppings And Bug Splatter!

One of the main reasons why we purchase a certain vehicle, is how the vehicle looks. With that being said, maintaining the look and shine of the vehicle is sometimes very difficult due to all of the environmental elements standing in the way. There are numerous elements that can ruin the image of your vehicle's look, including:

*Rock Chips


*Water Spots

*Tree Sap

*Dirt, Dust and Road Grime

Out of all of these, the two that are MOST harmful to you vehicles paint...are bird droppings and bug splatter.

Bird droppings are extremely acidic and can permanently damage and eat through the clear coat of your paint in less than an hour if left in direct sunlight.

This summer season, there will be a lot more bugs, which means more bugs left on the front bumper of your vehicle! The same thing goes for bug splatter. It is very acidic as well and can damage your paint if not tended to in a timely matter.

What to do when you see bird droppings, or your bumper is covered with bugs??

Call Diamond Pro Detailing! We will take care of getting rid of these harmful contaminants, as well as protect your paint to ensure no further damage to image of your vehicle!! Contact us today at:


Diamond Pro Detailing

Auto Detailing

Naples, Florida

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