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Why washing your vehicle after it rains is extremely important!

A huge misconception when it rains is "oh, the rain will wash away all the dirt and dust off of my car". Wrong. As logical as it may seem, rainfall is actually very contaminated and can potentially be harmful to your paint. When rain falls, it collects pollutants and contaminants on the way down. When this happens, this is known as "acid rain".

The picture above demonstrates what happens when "acid rain" sits and dries on your paint. When rain evaporates on your paint, it leaves water marks. Over time, the chemical reaction between the chemicals in the water and the paint will begin to eat away at the clear coat on your vehicle leaving water etching. Etching can only be removed by professionally buffing and polishing the paint. Water spots on the other hand, can be removed with just a simple car wash, if caught before they turn into etchings.

With the rainy summer season upon us here in "sunny" Naples, Florida, have your vehicle professionally detailed all summer long to prevent any damage from the summer rain and sun by contacting us at:


We offer monthly and weekly wash and detailing packages to ensure that your vehicle never misses a wash and is clean, protected and shining all summer long!

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