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By joining our Monthly V.I.P Club, you will receive exclusive discounts and specials via text/email every month!    

Listed below are a few of our Monthly Detail options for you to choose from, or you can create your own custom package personally catered to you! 

We look forward to working with you and taking care of your vehicle(s)!

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Bi-Weekly Maintenance



Our Bi-Weekly Maintenance Package provides you with 2 services per month:

  • 1 Silver Detail

  • 1 Exterior Detail

Sedans: $150

Trucks/SUV's: $180

Save $25!!

Our Weekly Maintenance Package provides you with 4 services per month:

  • 4 Silver Details



Sedans: $300

Trucks/SUV's: $360

Save $40!!

Custom Maintenance

Our Custom Maintenance Package allows you to pick what service you'd like, and how many times you'd like to have it performed each month! 

*Price is determined by final decision

**Please call for estimate 





Weekly Maintenance



*Payment for monthly and bi-weekly packages are to be collected at the beginning of every month due to the packages being discounted.
**Before a maintenance  package is started, we recommend purchasing a Diamond Detail, so that your vehicle is detailed to "showroom condition" and is maintained at our standards from there on out.