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What's the best tire shine to use on my car??

We get this question a lot.

There are so many tire shine products on the market, which makes it hard to choose which one is the best one to use!

The first step is determining what type of look you like when dressing your tires..

1) Do you prefer a tire shine that gives off a WET look? Which means the tires will have a very high gloss look.

2) Do you prefer a tire shine that gives off a more natural look? Meaning the tire shine will appear dry with a matte finish.

Personally, I prefer the wet look when dressing tires. Although a wet, high gloss finish needs to be done correctly, or else the tire dressing will not bond correctly and ultimately "sling" off the tire and all get over the car when you drive.

When dressing tires, we use a few different products. We have listed them below so you can give them a shot!

Click the link and let us know how they work!

Adam's Polishes Tire Shine:

Stoner SiO2 infused Tire Dressing:

For best results, apply with foam applicator pad and let dry before driving!

Tip: If possible, apply and let sit overnight to ensure proper drying and bonding!

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