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Protecting your plastic trim and why it is important!

When detailing and maintaining the overall condition of your vehicle, there are numerous parts to consider in doing so. One of the most overlooked parts to maintain, is your plastic trim and plastic portions of your vehicle.

Over time, the plastic will begin to oxidize (due to the suns harmful UV rays), turning the plastic trim dull and appear cloudy, as pictured above. Living in Naples, Florida, the sun gets extremely hot on a daily basis, especially in the summer months. The sun produces harmful UV rays that can result in damaging your vehicles paint, interior, and in this case...your plastic trim.

Caring for you plastic trim is very simple. Using water based dressings allow moisture to soak into the plastic, preventing it from drying out and turning cloudy and dull.

Applying plastic trim dressings act the same as wax does for your paint. The dressing provides a layer protection from everyday contaminants that are exposed to the trim, and most importantly, the sun. To ensure the best results, plastic trim should be dressed and protected after every detail!

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