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Why restoring your foggy, hazy and oxidized headlights is so important! Read now!

Did you know:

Your headlights are one of the most dangerous parts of your vehicle? The reason being, your headlights are the main component of determining how well your visibility is while driving at night. When visibility is reduced, you're putting your life, your families and other drivers lives on the road at risk by increasing the chances of not being seen due to the limited amount of light being being shown through your headlight lenses.

If your headlights look like the top picture (hazy, foggy or oxidized) give us a call at 239-227-5330 to schedule your headlight restoration appointment! In doing so, you can restore up to 90% clarity back into your headlights, while protecting yourself and others while driving at night!

With the sun being so hot down here in Naples, Florida and the surrounding areas, we are unable to put a "time guarantee" on our restorations due to how much your headlights are used or exposed to the sun. We do guarantee our work in a sense that if your headlights regain haziness and oxidation, we will come back out and remove it whenever you need it! We professionally restore your headlights (no over the counter products) as well as apply a sealant to prolong the clarity of your lenses!

If you haven't already, contact us today for any of your detailing needs!

Thank you for reading!

Drew Gay

Diamond Pro Mobile Detailing



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