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New Car Prep and Dealer "Protection"

With the amount of new vehicles that manufacturers are producing, there has been a major rise in new vehicle purchases within the past few years. A common misconception when purchasing a new vehicle (brand new from the manufacturer) is that "since it is brand new, it should be in perfect condition and shouldn't need any work done". Unfortunately this is not true, at all.

When manufacturers assemble a vehicle, the vehicle goes through numerous steps in which the workers are touching every panel, the vehicle is test drove, transported to the dealer (usually uncovered), washed improperly at the dealers and then left to sit in an unprotected lot, soaking in every ounce of contamination.

If you're in the market for a new car, let us know and we would be more than happy to come out and give your brand new car a full examination, consultation with you on what defects need to be tended to and then allow us to meticulously detail every inch of of your vehicle to give it a true new car look and protection that it needs. Our "New Car Prep" service includes:


  • Foam Bath (PH Balanced Soap)

  • 2- Bucket Wash with Microfiber Mitt

  • Dried with Blower and Hand Dried With Waffle Weave Towel

  • Clay Bar Decontamination Treatment

  • 1,2, or 3 Stage Polishing Depending on Condition of Paint

  • Wax and Sealed

  • Tires Cleaned and Dressed

  • Exhaust Tips Polished

  • Door Jambs Cleaned and Protected

  • Windows Cleaned

  • Engine Bay Detailed (If Necesary)

  • Gas Tank Cleaned


  • Interior Vacuumed

  • Door Panels Cleaned and Protected

  • Leather Cleaned and Conditioned

  • Trunk Vacuumed

  • Windows Cleaned

Remember, give us a call if you're in the market to purchase a brand new vehicle! Don't let the dealers fool you into their "car wash and detail". We will take care of that and ensure that your car truly gives off that showroom shine.

Also, if you're purchasing any vehicle, brand new or slightly used, contact us today if you would like this same treatment given to your "new to you" vehicle!

Thanks for reading and call me today to schedule your appointment!

Drew Gay

Diamond Pro Detailing

Auto Detailing, Naples, Florida


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