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5 Ways To Keep Your Windshield Wiper Blades In Working Condition

Ever get tired of hearing your windshield wiper blades squeal across your window, or not wipe all the water off, leaving smears? In this post I will share a few helpful tips on how to keep your blades in working condition and give you the best visual quality you need during the rain!

With summer in full force upon us here in Naples, Florida, rain and storms will be a common occurance on a daily basis. One of the most important aspects to driving, is being able to see! Here are 5 tips to help keep your wiper blades working, while keeping your window clean, providing you with a clear view of the road!

1) Remove Leaves and Debris

Leaves and other debris always find a way to get stuck between your wiper blades and your hood. If this happens, remove the leaves and debris because they can and will get stuck under your wiper blades causing them to rub against the rubber of the blade and your windshield, possibly damaging them both. If debris gets caught in the wiper blade and goes unnoticed, it will rub against your windshield, scratching and leaving permanent marks, leaving you with a much bigger issue!

2) Have Your Wiper Blades Cleaned

When you clean your car or have your car detailed, make sure to clean the rubber of the wiper blade cleaned off as well. This will get rid of all the dirt and smaller debris that may be trapped on the blade, reducing the chances of scratching and ruining your windshield and enhancing your visibility!

3) Turn Off Your Wipers If When The Windshield Is Not Wet

It's fairly simple to get caught up in a conversation/ listening to music while driving and forget to shut our wipers off when its done raining. Wiper blades are created to slide across a slick surface, so when the rain stops and the rubber tries to slide across the windshield, it creates friction, ruining the rubber on the blade.

4) Avoid Parking In Direct Sunlight (As hard as this may be, try and find a shady spot)

With the hot Florida sun baking down on Naples, and all the surrounding areas, it can do a lot of damage to the exterior of your car such as the paint, trim, headlights and interior. For the purpose of this blog, the sun will dry out and crack the rubber on your blades ruining them and causing you to get new ones. So if at all possible, find a shady spot to park and preserve the condition of your whole vehicle!

5) Replace Your Wipers Regularly

Although these tips are helpful in extending the life of your wiper blades, unfortunately it doesn't make them last forever, So when the signs that your blades need to be replaces, such as: visibility decreasing, smearing, cracked blades, squeeling or the rubber falling off, replace your blades to ensure 100% visibility while driving!

Thanks for reading and drive safe this summer!

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