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Detailer vs. "Car Wash"
Sure, taking your car through an automated "car wash" is quick and cheaper than hiring a detailer, but does it produce the results you're truly looking for?  By looking at the chart above...the positives of hiring a detailer heavily outweigh taking your vehicle to a "car wash" Think about this:


  • Have you ever seen the brushes, mats or bays of "car washes" be cleaned off of all the dust, dirt and debris it picks up from the hundreds of cars that pass through?
  • NO! This means that all of that dirt, dust and contamination is picked up and rubbed over your vehicle and into your paint.
  • Hiring a detailer, is of course more expensive than a "car wash", but having to pay for the repairs to your vehicle can be more expensive.
  • Cut out the possibility of scratching and damaging yout vehicle and call Diamond Pro Mobile Detailing today to schedule your scratch free detail today!
  • Diamond Pro Mobile Detailing ensures that your vehicle is 100% rid of bugs, tar, dirt, dust and other contaminations before we leave.  
  • We use safe detailing practices, products and clean towels to ensure that your vehicle is as clean and protected as it was the day it came off the showroom floor!
  • Diamond Pro Mobile Detailing pays close attention to detail in every aspect of detailing your vehicle so that you are 100% satisfied by the time we are done.
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