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Why Detail Your Vehicle?

Importance of Exterior Detailing


Paint Surface Contamination


On a daily basis, your paint soaks in and collects excessive amounts of contaminants on the surface.  Such contaminants may be: brake dust, sap, dirt, dust, overspray, bugs and bird droppings.  These contaminants can be extremely harmful to the paint, especially if left for long periods of time causing permanent damage to your vehicle's paint.


Diamond Pro Mobile Detailing uses a professional clay bar treatment to pull these contaminants off the surface of your paint, leaving it as smooth and clean as it was sitting on the showroom floor.


*You will not get this professional treatment by taking your vehicle to a coin operated car wash, or a DIY wash bay.  Of course a coin operated coin wash may be "cheaper", but next time you go to one, take a look around your car and see how much contamination and bugs are still left on your car afterwards.  Diamond Pro Mobile Detailing services rid your car 100% of bugs, tar, dirt, dust and contamination.



Paint Scratch/Swirl Removal


Over time, normal wear and tear on a vehicles paint can cause light scratches, marring and paint swirls.  These scratches and paint swirls tend to dull the paint surface, reducing the luster and increasing the chances of permanent damage.  Diamond Pro Mobile Detailing can remove these surface scratches and paint swirls by using professional polishing techniques that will return your vehicles paint back to new. 


*Paint swirls are caused by improper washing techniques.  Some of these techniques are: washing your vehicle in circular motions with the wash mitt, not rinsing your wash mitt allowing all of the trapped dirt, dust and rocks to penetrate your vehicles paint causing scratches, and improper drying techniques.  Automated car wash equipment trap dirt, dust, rocks and other contaminants in the fabrics that are rubbing and "cleaning" your vehicle.  I've personally never seen car wash equipment be rinsed out after a wash, therefore all of those contaminants are trapped inside waiting to scratch your vehicle.


Protecting Your Vehicles Paint


Living in Florida, the "Sunshine State", your vehicles paint is constantly being bombarded by the suns harmful UV rays.  There are a few different ways to help protect your vehicle from the sun and other contaminants that may be harmful to your paint.


Wax- will enhance the shine of your paint and increase protection from the sun.  Wax must be reapplied every 3-6 weeks for the best results and maximum protection.


Paint Sealant- sealing your paint, provides a longer term protection than wax and protects from stronger and more harmful contaminants.  Paint Sealants are synthetic polymers that actually bond to your paints surface providing the strongest protection.  Sealants should be applied every 3-6 months for best results and maximum protection.


Importance of Engine Detailing


Your engine is one of the most important, but yet most expensive parts of your vehicle.  The engine is the workhorse of a vehicle, which means that while being ran and driven through extreme conditions, the engine collects excessive amounts of dirt, grime, tar, grease and other contaminants.  Detailing an engine consists of: removing dirt, grime, grease, leaves, vehicle fluids and sludge.  Removal of these contaminants will result in two great outcomes.  First, when the engine bay and all of its components are kept clean, it makes detecting problems within the engine much easier.  Second, a clean engine bay, will help the engine run cooler, lengthening the life of the engine. 



Importance of Interior Detailing



Cleaning and Protecting Carpets and Fabric


Your vehicles upholstery and carpets undergo alot of wear and tear on a daily basis.  The carpets collect all of the dirt, rocks, leaves and other elements that are tracked in every time you get in your vehicle.  As well as the carpets, your seats also collect the same elements, along with bodily oils, spilled liquids, stains and much more.  Diamond Pro Mobile Detailing uses professional extraction methods to clean, revive and protect your vehicles carpets and upholstery to bring it back to its original condition.  These techniques will not only clean, but will also enhance the look and prolong the life of your carpets and upholstery.  


*Most car washes who "detail" your interior, will only do a quick wipe down of the interior.  Diamond Pro Mobile Detailing will spend the time and put in the extra effort to ensure that your interior is completely clean and protected.  


Leather Cleaning and Conditioning


Drying, cracking and fading are common problems that are associated with improper care and protection of your vehicles leather surfaces.  In order to enhance the look, shine and overall condition of your leather, it must be properly protected from the suns UV rays as well as normal wear and tear.  Diamond Pro Mobile Detailing recommends periodic leather cleaning and protection treatments to keep your leather feeling and looking brand new!



Stop wasting your time and hard earned money by taking one of your biggest investments to an automatic  "car wash".  Call or email to book your appointment today!

Remember, "If you've got the time, I'll make it shine"







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